Reclaimed Cobblestones

Everybody loves Cobblestones… If you need some, we have them… thousands and thousands.

We have all sizes and price ranges. All of them are reclaimed and made in the USA.

The following cobblestone groupings are now available.

Regulation Size - "Beverly's Screened"
- Colorful with very well worn tops
- Average size 7"-10" L x 4"-5" T x 4"-5" W
- Average weight 17 lbs.
- Mortar on some cobblestones - sides only - easily cleaned via power chisel
- Screened - you clean
- Thousands available
Beverly's Screened

Regulation Size - "Beverly Screened/Cleaned"
- Clean, colorful with carriage wheel worn tops
- Average size 7"-10" L x 4"-5" T x 4"-5" W
- Average weight 17 lbs.
- Some mortar staining on their sides only

Beverly Screened/Cleaned

Small to Large Size -"Mixed"
- All sizes - Small to Large
- All grains


Oversized Regulation Size - "Ocean Edge"
- Average weight 18 - 20 lbs.
- Average size 8"-11" L x 4"-5" T x 4"-5" W
- Tops are lightly worn
- Crisp edges and corners
- All sides are 100% mortar free
- Approximately 75% of stones are coastal grain Rockports. The other 25% is a finer - inland - Salt and Pepper specked grain
- Barnacles are at no charge

Ocean Edge

Oversized Regulation Size - "Seaports/Rockports"
These remarkable stones were discovered and uncovered during a utilities excavation project in the Seaport section of Boston.
- Medium grey with classic Rockport "Salt and Pepper" grain
- Very bricklike and super clean
- Average size 8"-11" L x 4"-5" T x 4"-5" W
- Pedestrian light surface wear only


Small to Large Size - "Maine #1"
Reclaimed from a Northern Maine mill town
- Size - Small, Medium & Large
- Carriage worn tops
- Colorful coastal grains
- Old, old, really old looking

Maine #1

Jumbo/Super Jumbo Mix Size - "Maine #2"
These beauties are sure to be destined for the Cobblestone Hall of Fame
- Average size 9"-13" L x 7"-8" T x 4"-5" W
- Carriage wheel-worn tops
- Super Clean - no concrete/asphalt/mortar
- Flat on their sides
- Very colorful
- Nicest jumbo cobblestones we have ever seen

Maine #2

Jumbo Size - "Haverhills"
Reclaimed from a road improvement project in downtown Haverhill.
- Average size 10"-12" L x 6"-7" T x 4"-5" W
- Nice clean all-purpose cobblestones with minimal evidence of either mortar or concrete
- Limited quantity

Jumbo Size - Haverhills

Jumbo Size - "Lowell"
We reclaimed these beautiful cobblestones from a road improvement project in Lowell, MA.
- Average weight 27-30 lbs.
- Average size 9"-12" L x 7"-8" T x 4"-5" W
- Most stones are mortar free - some stones have mortar along the sides
- Mix of Chelmsford and Rockport granite
- Well-worn tops

Jumbo Size - "Lowell"

Jumbo Size - "South Boston"
- Average size 10"-12" L x 7"-8"T x 3.5"-5" W
- Rockport grain
- Clean - Worn Tops
- Dark - aged look

Jumbo Size - South Boston

Jumbo Size - "Tiger/NY"
- Average size: 9"-12" L x 7"-8" T x 4"-5" W
- Super colorful - browns and grays
- Use vertically or on their consistent sides
- Limited quantity

Jumbo Size - Tiger/NY

These and many other products are in stock and on display at our Granite Superstore. We hope to hear from you or see you soon.


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