Just Rescued – 1st Generation Curbing

There is no way to “curb” our enthusiasm for our two most recent granite curb rescue projects. One at a Northeastern University site and the other in the same neighborhood as Harvard University.

Which curbing is smarter?

  • Northeastern University Curbing
    • 1st generation Cape Ann granite reclaimed curbing
    • Approx. 150 LF
    • Great Patina – Aged and Weathered
    • Foot worn tops are all 7″ hand tooled
    • Excellent retention curb as heights range from
    • 18″ up to 23″
    • Lengths are from 4′ – 9′
  • Harvard University Curbing
    • 1st generation reclaimed curbing
    • Approx. 480 LF of premium step quality
    • 7″ hand tooled tops
    • Heights range from 18″ up to 21″
    • Lengths are from 4′ – 10′

The answer is quite simple… the Northeastern curbing is smarter due to OSMOSIS… This curb shows more footwear. More student footwear translates into smarter curbing. It’ s as simple as that.

PS – The ONEG owners may be a just a little bias… Both Biz and brother, Wes are Northeastern University graduates!

These and many other products are in stock and on display at our Granite Superstore. We hope to hear from you or see you soon.


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