Reclaimed Granite Products – Inventory Update – June 2017

We at Olde New England Granite like to think of ourselves as Rescuers” as much as reclaimers of antique granite products. There is none more evident than with the cobblestones that we rescued a week ago.

Boston Jumbo Cobblestones – Last Saturday, a paving friend of ours was working on a project in Boston when he unearthed cobblestone pavement under the entire area they were contracted to repave. Pressured to complete their project in a timely manner… they needed to dispose of these cobbles tones fast. These were heading to the local landfill. Enter – ONEG TO THE RESCUE and Rescue we did… seven triaxle loads… to our overflow and screening/fabrication yard they came. This was truly a classic rescue of approx. 10,000 beautiful and colorful Boston Jumbo Cobbles tones now ready to repurpose.

Boston Jumbo Cobblestones

Beverly Regulation Cobblestones – Rescued from a two mile stretch of a major roadway through the city of Beverly. For sure, with the large quantities of cobblestones involved, the original plan was to crush any and all the surplus granite cobbles to make the sub-base aggregate material that their project required. ONEG to the rescue once again. We were able to strike an agreement that has all the cobblestones come to our yard to be screened, cleaned and repurposed.

Beverly Regulation Cobblestones

Ocean Edge Regulation Cobblestones – The other recent cobblestones rescue was our “Ocean Edge” cobblestones. These colorful pavers were thought to have been used as road pavers in a section of Scully Square many decades ago. Our recent rescue of these granite gems could only occur during low tide… We literally pulled and rescued these beauties from the Ocean Edge once they were removed as roadway pavers.

Ocean Edge Regulation Cobblestones

Route 1 – 1st Generation Curbing – One of our very best “rescues ” was just a few weeks ago with our Route 1 curbing. The contractor who was awarded this improvement project has their crushing facility literally less than a mile from where this 7,000 feet of curbing was removed. The plan was to remove and crush this granite for the aggregate since their plant is so close. Well, enter… ONEG and our offer to reroute this first generation, premium, step quality, 6″ curbing. This reclamation project is particularly satisfying for us because of the rich Route 1 History that we are helping to preserve.

Route 1 - 1st Generation Curbing

Boston Common Curbing – Just rescued and ready to repurpose 3rd generation curbing. Size 5″ x 15″ -16″ x variable lengths up to 10′.

Boston Common Curbing

These and many other products are in stock and on display at our Granite Superstore. We hope to hear from you or see you soon.


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