Reclaimed Granite Blocks

Reclaimed Granite Blocks

Reclaimed bridge and foundation blocks salvaged from old New England bridge abutments and now defunct foundations in and around the Boston area. For the best in structural integrity and classic old New England aesthetics, this retaining wall material is the “best.” Antique granite block can be used in retaining walls, terracing, sea walls, hillsides and slope stabilization, bench material, columns, and entry posts. Granite is a better and longer lasting substitute than concrete products. Our products are natural stone, not man made.

Granite Block Appearance:
Most of the block material we reclaim originates from the quarries of Cape Ann, MA. Quincy granite is also evident especially in some of the Boston block we reclaimed. Much of this material was quarried in the late 1800’s – early 1900’s. These blocks have a century of aging and weathering. Some in the water, some out… for a real antique look!

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